Mini Funnel - Alpha Supps®
Mini Funnel - Alpha Supps®
Mini Funnel - Alpha Supps®
Alpha Funnel - Alpha Supps®


Alpha Funnel

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Check out our Alpha Supps Funnels – Choose between our small (holds 25 grams of powder) or large, (hold 80 grams of powder). Perfect for pre-workouts, proteins, or BCAAs.

Easily attach them to your gym bag or backpack, ensuring convenient access wherever you go.

Say goodby to single-use plastic bags and embrace these reusable, eco-friendly funnels, minimizing waste and maximizing convenience!

Easily transfer your supplements into any container. The compact size fits seamlessly into standard water bottle spouts, allowing for spill-free pouring. Just scoop, cap, and you're ready to go!


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Alpha Funnel


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